Workers Newsletter 2017


2019 Season

              April – September         

Welcome back to all the families from 2018 and to all the new families for 2019. The season is about to begin with training and Saturday morning games.

Season Starts

The 2019 Baseball season starts on Saturday the April 6.

Game times each Saturday for the following age groups are:

Senior League – 8:00am start- players must be at the grounds at 7:30am for the warm up before the game.

Junior League – 10:15am start – players must be at the grounds at 9:30am to warm up before the game.

Little League - 8:30am start - players must be at the grounds at 8:00am to warm up before the game.

Under 10’s Tee Ball - TBA

Grounds Games are played on

The front 2 fields closest to the car park are Baxter Field (Ground 1) and Threw Field (Ground 2). Ground 3 is the field behind Baxter field (Ground 1) and Ground 4 is behind Threw Field (Ground 2).

Training Days and Times for the following teams

Seniors – Tuesdays from 5:30 onwards

Under 20’s – TBA

Senior League – TBA

Junior League – TBA

Little League – TBA

Under 10’s Tee Ball – TBA


The Workers Club uniform consists of white baseball pants, a royal blue belt, royal blue socks and a Workers Club cap. Junior players are supplied shirts for the season. These shirts must be returned at the end of the last game of the season. Failure to return the Club shirt you will be invoiced for the cost of a replacement shirt. Players are required to wear the club cap. These caps can be purchased on sign on day and the 1st Saturday after the school holidays. Adjustable caps are $25 and fitted caps are $35. The white pants that are required can be purchased from Intersport Lismore. Belts and socks can be purchased through the club.             Please Turn Over Page!


Coaches for junior teams

Under 20’s – Matthew Davis

Under 16’s Senior League – Scott McClelland

Under 14’s Junior League – Darren McMahon

Under 12’s Little League – Paul Boxsell

Under 10’s Tee Ball – Dan and Emily Clark

All coaches contact details can be found on the clubs website

Please check the website to see who your child’s coach is.


Seniors who have not filled in a registration form need to go the website and download the form then scan and email to


Seniors$289.44 (18 years +)

Under 18’s (1-1-01 to 31-8-02) $103.66 plus $100 Active Kids $203.66

Senior League (1-9-02 to 31-8-04) $103.66 plus $100 Active Kids $203.66

Junior League (1-9-04 to 31-8-06) $103.66 plus $100 Active Kids $203.66

Little League (1-9-06 to 31-8-09) $103.66 plus $100 Active Kids $203.66

Age 9 (1-9-10 to 31-8-10) $53.68 plus $100 Active Kids $153.68

Tee Ball 5, 6, 7, 8 (1-9-10 to 31-8-14) $38.97 plus $100 Active Kids $138.97

***** Please remember to apply for your Active Kids Voucher

When you sign up online just pay the $103.66 or $53.68 or $38.97 and email the Active kids voucher to the above email address.

Invoices will be issued before the start of the season. Payment needs to be made online to Baseball NSW (Directions how to do that will be issued ASAP)


This year the Club is looking at running 3 fundraisers to help the club raise some money and keep fees down.

The junior players will be given a box of chocolates each to sell. There will also be a dogs night held at the Lismore Greyhound Track.  As well as a golf day held around July /August that is a lot of fun.

Workers Clubs Meeting

Workers Clubs meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of every month. All are welcome. This meeting is held upstairs at the Workers Club starting at 7pm.

Wet Weather

If training is cancelled due to rain the coaches will let parents know by an SMS. On Saturday mornings you are also able to check if the games are still on by calling 66228 268 after 7:15am to hear a recorded message.