FNCBA Baseball Draw, Umpires & Teams 28th April 2018

Please note: If you are unavailable to umpire make arrangements with one of your team mates to replace you. You have each been supplied a list with all phone numbers. Division 1 players will need to help the Division 3 side.

Division 2 Twins have the raffles this week at the Workers Club

Also higher grade players cannot play down a division any more unless a division 2 floater to prevent forfeit in Division 3


Major League 2:45pm 9 innings
Baxter Field: Brothers v Norths
Thew Field: Easts v Workers Base: Bob McClelland

Division 1 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Baxter Field: Brothers v Norths
Thew Field: Easts v Workers Base: Riley Gregor

Division 2 2:45pm - 4:45pm
Albert Park 3: Workers Twins v Workers Pirates UIC: Jim Cotterell Base: Grant Noble
Albert Park 4: Norths v  Ballina
Easts bye

Division 3 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Albert Park 3: Workers v Brothers UIC: Chris Miles
Albert Park 4: Norths v Ballina
Casino bye

Under 20 10:00am - 11:45am
Thee Field: Easts/Norths v Workers/Brothers

Senior League 8:00am - 9:45am
Albert Park 4: Brothers v Norths
Thew Field: Easts v Workers

Junior League 10:00am - 11:45am
Albert Park 3B: Brothers v Norths
Albert Park 3C: Easts  v Workers

Little League 8:15am - 9:45am
Albert Park 3B: Brothers v Norths
Albert Park 3C: Easts  v Workers

Under 10 & 8

Baxter Field: 10:00am - 11:00am

Workers Baseball Teams 2018

Major League

Dan Clark, Jack Cooper, Riley Gregor, Reece Gregor, Nick Johnstone, Scott McClelland, Seth McClelland, Jordan Williams, Noah Worgan. Manager Dan Clark 0411 080 482

Division One

Alex Battese, Nick Battese, Matt Davis, Chris Boxsell, Jason Caught, Trent Clark, Paul Clifford, Cooper Marsh, Bob McClelland, Cain McClelland, Nathan Olley. Manager Paul Clifford 0404 877 900

Division Two Twins

Norton Bolt, Brendan Clark, Corey Layton, Steve Magnay, Trent Nicholls, Jeremy Nicholls, Jason Rucker, Brendan Santin, Jake Leven, Matthew Geyer, Trent Bennett. Manager Jason Rucker 0427 112 124

Division Two Pirates

Brett Boxsell, Paul Boxsell, Paul Fairfull, John Harvey, Sam Keehn, Tom Martin, Dallas McLucas, Chris Miles, Ben Rigby, Ben Saunders, Mick Dutton, Sam Moore. Manager Paul Boxsell 0427 015 995

Division Three

Trevor Clark, Ben Ellis, Darren McMahon, Jim Cotterell, Grant Noble, Peter Tate, Jake Dudgeon, Garry Connolly, Kynan Davis, Cooper McMahon, Isaac Wood, Curtis Cause, Jayden Battese, Joshua Vidler, Zac Ewing. Manager Trevor Clark 0402 167 107

Under 20

Jordan Williams, Noah Worgan, Jake Dudgeon, Seth McClelland, Riley Gregor, Reece Gregor, Cooper Marsh, Alex Battese, Jack Cooper, Isaac Wood, Molly Donald, Harry Farr, Ethan Magnay. Manager Darren McMahon 0412 594 726 & Brad Donald

Senior League

Joshua Vidler, Nick Battese, Kave Henderson, Kynan Davis, Zachary Ewing, Riley Beckham, Cain McClelland, Cooper McMahon, Matthew Mulcahy, Curtis Cause, Kane Taylor, Braydan Davis, Jayden Battese, Sam Gray. Manager Matthew Davis 0487 252 637

Junior League

Thayne Ellis, Max Farr, Hudson McMahon, Isaac Rose, Lachlan Coe, Jackson Pruess, Harley Jordan, Max Smith. Manager Scott McClelland 0423 050 299

Little League Major

Gabriel Cause, Jake Connolly, Jetlin Winmill, Michael Maher, Tully Magnay, Page Geyer, Xander Lincoln, Connor McLucas, Diesel Wunsch, Dylan Elms, Cleo Palmer, Nate Boxsell, Liam Taylor, Ashley Mitchell. Darren McMahon 0412 594 726 Paul Boxsell 0427 015 995

Under 10 & Under 8

Kye Connolly, James Eggins, Mollie Farr, Phoenix Lincoln, Angel Noble, Amy weir,

McKenzie Clark, Cory Daniels, Ivy Eggins, Jack Goulding, Jayden Murphy, Phoenix Murphy.

Manager Dan Clark 0411 080 482 & Emily Parker